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January 24-26 2025

LyFE Course


LyFE Course

January 24-26, 2025
2025/01/24 09:00:00

The LyFE Course is a yearly course taking place in Bellinzona (Switzerland) dedicated to lymphoid neoplasias, including myelomas. The program of the course is designed by lymphoma specialists, gives the participants the possibility to gain in-depth and updated knowledge in this complex field. Since 2004, the event is organized by the Foundation for the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR).



    Registrations will open on September 1

    Registration fee: CHF 100 (to be paid upon admission to the course).
    Please note that accommodation (3 nights at Hotel Internazionale), coffee breaks & lunches are covered by the tuition fee.


    Auditorium of San Giovanni Hospital, Bellinzona, Switzerland.

  • DATE

    January 24-26, 2025


Clinical case discussions

A particular feature of the LyFE course is that each participant has the possibility to present a clinical case, which is consequently discussed by a panel of experts.

The limited number of attendees and the familiar environment contribute to create a constructive interaction between the faculty and the participants, which allows ample discussions and exchange of experience and expertise.

Course objectives and learning outcomes

  • obtain a summary made by experts in the field of the emerging new information concerning either the pathobiology or the clinical management of the various lymphoma subtypes.

  • discuss with a problem-based approach (centred on real cases treated at the Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland) the diagnostic and clinical difficulties in the management of lymphoma patients.

  • have the opportunity to present and discuss with the faculty their own difficult cases.